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About Parent Chiropractic Center

Choosing Londonderry

About Parent Chiropractic Center

Relief or wellness care… it’s your choice.

I opened my practice in March 1995. I initially chose Londonderry because it still had an old town feel with apple orchards and farms. I truly fell in love with Londonderry and the surrounding towns once I started meeting the people who call it home.

Giving you Individual Attention

I designed my practice with the intention of creating a place where people of all ages could go to get answers and results to restore their health. A place where they are treated like family and given individual attention is one of our goals.

I believe I have been put here for a reason

My mission in life is to make a positive impact on each individual I meet. To help them understand that they have worth, value and to teach them how to unleash the amazing healing abilities of their body, mind and spirit.

Conscious & Proactive

My ideal practice member is on who is interested in creating their own wonderful life by being conscious and proactive about the choices they make to improve their state of optimal well-being.

Helping to Make you Feel Comfortable

When new practice members first enter our office, most are unsure of the chiropractic wellness approach. It is our goal to respect each individual, explain the procedures prior to performing them and allow them the freedom to ask questions so they feel comfortable.

The Body’s Innate Ability to Heal

If I had a magic wand, I would assist people in understanding their body is a gift. This gift if treated with respect will help them live a life of abundance they so rightfully deserve. By providing the cells in the body the proper nutrients, daily movement, positive thoughts and allowing the nerve system to be free to control and heal through proper chiropractic adjustments, your potential is unlimited. An adjustment provided by a chiropractor whose soul intent is to free nerves from interference and unleash the body’s innate ability to heal, in my opinion, is one of the most powerful forces in nature.

We’d love to meet you and answer your questions. We’re happy to help! Contact us today.

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