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Parent Chiropractic Center Reviews

What Our Londonderry Patients Say

At Parent Chiropractic Center we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Overall Professionalism

I have truly been blown away by my experience at Parent Chiropractic Center. With each interaction, the levels of attentiveness, kindness, flexibility, patience and overall professionalism from the entire staff has been so wonderful and such a blessing. The care and dedication poured into each patient is a beautiful thing to see and experience. The changes I’ve seen in my daughter’s mobility and overall health have been substantial. I’m so thankful to finally get her help that’s showing relief and results. Thank you doesn’t seem sufficient enough! My first visit provided me an instant decrease in my pain and suffering from a recent gym injury. I’ve always been scared of the chiropractor but after seeing the rapid results in my five-year-old, I opted to face my fears and give it a try. I’m so grateful I did and regret not doing it sooner! I’m looking forward to my future visits. To all of the staff at Parent Chiropractic Center, thank you for all you do. Stay amazing!

~Tandi L.

They Made Me Feel at Ease

Dr. Nicole and Avery were amazing during my new patient appointment. They explained everything they’d be doing, step by step. They made me feel at ease and looking forward to the treatments ahead. After years of chronic pain, I have hope that I will finally feel better. After just one visit, I can feel small improvements! Thank you!

~ Karla K.

Simply Amazed

Simply Amazed with How Professional Knowledgeable Caring and Friendly the Staff @ Parent was, was nothing not to Dislike. Dr. Dan, Dr. Nichole, Avery, and the Wonderful woman at the Front Desk, comprise what I Would Call the “Dream Team” Simply the Best!!! 5*****

~ Brian M.

The Customer Service was Unmatched

I’ve never had experience with a chiropractor but the customer service was unmatched! Everyone was friendly, welcoming, and informative. They took their time explaining everything and made me feel very comfortable with my first ever experience and visit. So happy I chose Parent Chiropractic for my first experience!

~ Chelsea R.

Incredibly Professional and Kind

All staff were incredibly professional and kind. Dr. Nicole was awesome to work with. She was very knowledgeable, provided easy to understand explanations, answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable and confident about working with her.

~ Kristy B.

A Genuine Care for Your Wellbeing

It is refreshing to enter a business, especially in the medical field where you are greeted with a smile and a genuine care for your wellbeing. Wonderful staff. Everyone is upbeat and make you feel like family. They answer any question you ask with love and a nice temperament, even if you think the question is silly. Dr Nicole Parent explained everything to me while looking over my tests and x-rays slowly so, I would understand asking as she went on, do you have any questions. I appreciate the time she took with me, made me feel like she really cares to help me feel better. Their office and rooms were very clean and made you feel relaxed, and I never had to wait for my appointment. I appreciate that they don’t over book and run behind. They believe in quality over quantity here and I appreciate it. I have never been to a medical office were the staff talks so nice to each other and you can tell respect one another. That just shows how nice and helpful they are with you. I want to join their Kind family!! I can’t say enough nice things about. Highly recommend!!!

~ Judy P.

So Impressed with the Entire Office

I was so impressed with the entire office! Everyone was kind, patient, and professional, and the initial examination was very thorough. I left with a much better understanding of my particular issues and a plan for moving forward to improve them.

~ Juliana G.

So Warm and Welcoming

The practice is so warm and welcoming. My 6-year-old daughter and I have had an amazing experience. Dr. Nicole and everyone else in the office are fantastic. Dr. Nicole is amazing with my daughter, she feels very comfortable and heard.

~ Jennifer P.

Beyond Thrilled

Coming from a previous chiropractor’s office that I was unhappy with, I was beyond thrilled with how I was treated today. Dr. Nicole was extremely professional and knowledgeable when explaining to me what my issues were. Looking forward to to future treatments. 10/10 first visit.

~ Michael M.

I’m Thrilled to be a Part of This Adventure

I was a little skeptical about going to a chiropractor, however, after this first appointment, the in-depth explanation and diagnostic plan put me at ease. I’m thrilled to be a part of this adventure with Parent Chiropractic and look forward to the relief and holistic benefits.

~ Beth L.

I Felt Taken Care Of

From the moment I entered the building until the moment I left, I felt taken care of. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable and genuinely warm, kind and friendly. I have been to other chiropractors in the past, but I can say with confidence that Parent Chiropractic will be my last.

~ Allison D.

My Only Regret is Not Coming Sooner!

I have put off chiropractic care for years due to fear, but the severity of my pain recently pushed me to try it. Dr. Nicole was wonderful! She explained everything in terms I could understand (no medical jargon!) and made sure I was comfortable with all procedures and practices. Kelly was so helpful with scheduling and explaining what my future visits would look like. This is a wonderful and welcoming practice. My only regret is not coming sooner!!

~ Corinne S.

Very Good First-Time Experience

It was a very good first-time experience. Dr Nicole explained everything as she went through the various evaluations. This was also the first time I saw my MRI and X-Ray results requested by other doctors – and Dr Nicole explained what they showed. She made sure I didn’t have any questions. Even after that first adjustment – I felt some positive changes in how I felt. Thank you!

~ Ann R.

So Happy I Decided To See You

I am so happy I decided to come in and see you. I can’t thank you enough for trying to help me out. Thank you for taking the time to listen to what was going on and to take a close and thorough look at what you think is going on with me. I am hopeful that I will get some improvement over time. Thank you, Dr. Dan.

~ Jeffrey A.

Very Impressive Practice

Very impressive practice. I have been seeking chiropractic assistance for over 30 years, and this is the first time anyone has taken X-rays and other preliminary tests before making manual adjustments. I am pleased to be a patient with such a professional and competent chiropractor and staff.

~ Benjamin M.

Far Superior

I left my visit well informed. I was impressed with the quality, service and technology. A very different experience than any other chiropractor I’ve been to. Parent Chiropractic is far superior than the others!!

~ Barbara F.

Highly Recommend!

After a year with lower back pain my primary care doctor suggested a chiropractor. Honestly, they have always scared me. Dr Parent and his staff are amazing. Although just beginning my treatment everyone there has made me feel comfortable and I’m confident that I’m on the ride track for relief! Highly recommend!

~ Casey C.

Felt Completely Comfortable

I felt completely comfortable right from the first phone call. Everyone explained everything in detail & with courtesy. Dr Parent was very understanding & took his time to explain things & help me to feel confident about changing Chiropractors & coming here. Thank you.

~Jan S.

You Feel Like Family

I am very happy with Dr. Dan. Been going to him off and on for many years. When you come in the staff is very inviting (from staff to Dr. Dan) you feel like family. As I stated off and on for many years and have always appreciated the feed back on my condition and the concern Dr. Dan gives to make sure what he is doing is helping and you feel improvements. Back when my youngest was 1 – 2 years old we brought him to the office and was floored even a baby can get help from what they do, so it is very eye opening to see from very young to older years Dr. Dan can help.

~ Matt G.

Helped Me Following Auto Accident

I just wish Dr. Parent was here in Augusta, Georgia! Thank you, Dr. Parent, for your overwhelming warmth, caring and concern after my car accident in New Hampshire. I had not been to a chiropractor ever before, but one of your devoted patients urged me to make an appointment with you. And thank goodness for my accident which brought me to you! You enlightened me to all kinds of old injuries done to my spine. I will be going to a chiropractor for many years to come, so it is my sincere hope that I find one in Augusta as wonderful as you. Despite all injuries, my back feels great! Just as the person who recommended you said to me, you are a healer, Dr. Parent!

~ Claire E.

Chiropractic Can Truly Help

I am very happy that my husband convinced me to see Dr. Parent. I was very skeptical about seeing a chiropractor and a bit scared. Once I went and met with Dr. Parent he made me feel comfortable and as I kept seeing him and actually feeling a little better every time he made me a true believer that chiropractors can truly help.

~ Letizia C.


Everyone was wonderful! I have lived in pain and scared of the thought of chiropractic care, I was pleasantly surprised that my worries were needless! First adjustment today, I felt a little relief and none of it was painful!!

~ Debbi M.

Appreciate All Explanations

I was a little skeptical about having my daughter see a chiropractor and I was skeptical for myself as well. However, the explanation and education provided by Dr. Parent in reviewing the test results was very helpful and eased my mind. I appreciate when a doctor takes the time to explain what is wrong, why it is wrong, and how it can be fixed instead of just saying, “this is wrong, here’s a prescription”.

~ Cindy P.


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