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Welcome to Parent Chiropractic Center!

Parent Chiropractic Center BuildingWe hope you enjoy being a patient of ours as much as we enjoy having you! Our practice always has music playing, and modern décor to help you relax and enjoy your time with us.

Your First Visit

Upon entering our practice, you’ll be warmly greeted by our front office staff who will collect your new patient paperwork (which can be found here.) You will be taken on a tour of our office, and then, we’ll take you back for a few different nervous system scans to get a better idea of your issue. If we feel X-rays are necessary, we’ll do that as well. Dr. Daniel will join you in the room at this time to discuss your health goals and problems.

Your first visit will take about 45 minutes. Before leaving, we’ll schedule you to come back for your report of findings.

Your Second Visit (Report of Findings – Report 1)

At your second appointment, Dr. Daniel will review all of your scans with you and point out areas of stress in your nervous system. He’ll give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have—we want you to be an active partner in your care! If you’d like, we will perform your first adjustment at this visit. This visit will also take about 45 minutes.

Your Third Visit (Report of Findings – Report 2)

On your third visit, Dr. Daniel will go over what ongoing care will look like for you. We’ll discuss what your goals for health look like and develop a plan around your needs, specifically focused just for you. We’ll discuss the cost and length of care, and frequency of spinal adjustments. You’ll receive your second adjustment during this visit. Ongoing care is generally very quick—a typical appointment will be less than 10 minutes unless you need additional therapy.

Do You Have to Go Forever?

A lot of patients wonder if they have to continue with chiropractic care forever. It’s important to consider maintenance visits to ensure good health. Think about it this way—you visit the dentist every six months in order to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. If you stopped, you’d find yourself down the road with poor oral health and potentially irreversible (and expensive!) damage. Chiropractic maintenance visits are an investment you made to yourself and your health.
Patients who invest in regular care typically choose to be adjusted twice per month. This helps reduce their stress levels and keeps them healthy.

Ready to Book an Appointment?

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Daniel today! We proudly accept most major insurance plans and offer Saturday morning appointments for your family’s busy schedule.

You deserve to feel better—contact us today!

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